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a.k.a. "Samual McClain Rushing".
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I'm married to a Jennifer. I have three children so far: Logan (1999), Noah (2001), and Audrey (2004). Twelve more are planned. Children are delightful little creatures. Except for when they're not.


I currently live in Campbell, California in Silicon Valley. I never wanted to move here. California is too expensive and too crowded. But Silicon Valley is like a black hole that sucks Engineers inside the Bay Area's event horizon. Over the past decade it's grown on me somewhat, but I still pine for Seattle sometimes.


Irken is a simplified dialect of Scheme with an ML-style static (inferred) type system.
Shrapnel is a scalable event-driven user threading system for Python.
Caesure is a perpetually-in-progress Bitcoin Node implementation using Shrapnel.


If you know what an Extropian is, then you may already know a lot about me. Consider this the result of early exposure to the writing of Robert Heinlein. To narrow it down a bit more, I'll just say that I'm not a Randroid.


If you know me, you're sick of hearing about these things.


A better storage place for my rants - my blog, Curious Task.

My developer's blog for Irken.

Random Python Scripts

A collection of junk from my python scripts directory, accumulated since the early 90's. Some of them I didn't write. Some of them may even do something useful.

Photo Noise

Here is a tutorial I wrote on how to remove patterned noise from old photo prints using ImageJ.

Aerial 360-degree Panoramic Images

These images were taken with a 3DR Solo. Stitched with Autopano Pro, displayed with Panellum.

Fibonacci Spirals

Generate Fibonacci Spirals in SVG. Python source available.

FreeBSD on the MacchiatoBIN arm64 board

My experience with FreeBSD on the MacchiatoBIN Single Shot

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