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a.k.a. "Samual McClain Rushing".
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I'm married to a Jennifer. I have three children so far: Logan (1999), Noah (2001), and Audrey (2004). Twelve more are planned. Children are delightful little creatures. Except for when they're not.


I currently live in Campbell, California in Silicon Valley. I never wanted to move here. California is too expensive and too crowded. But Silicon Valley is like a black hole that sucks Engineers inside the Bay Area's event horizon. Over the past decade it's grown on me somewhat, but I still pine for Seattle sometimes.


Irken is a simplified dialect of Scheme with an ML-style static (inferred) type system.
Shrapnel is a scalable event-driven user threading system for Python.
Caesure is a perpetually-in-progress Bitcoin Node implementation using Shrapnel.


If you know what an Extropian is, then you may already know a lot about me. Consider this the result of early exposure to the writing of Robert Heinlein. To narrow it down a bit more, I'll just say that I'm not a Randroid.


If you know me, you're sick of hearing about these things.


A better storage place for my rants - my blog, Curious Task.

My developer's blog for Irken.

Random Python Scripts

A collection of junk from my python scripts directory, accumulated since the early 90's. Some of them I didn't write. Some of them may even do something useful.

Photo Noise

Here is a tutorial I wrote on how to remove patterned noise from old photo prints using ImageJ.

Aerial 360-degree Panoramic Images

These images were taken with a 3DR Solo. Stitched with Autopano Pro, displayed with Panellum.

Fibonacci Spirals

Generate Fibonacci Spirals in SVG. Python source available.

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